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The very fine blog The last Pop Song introduced me to the very fine work of Jamie T.

This got me hooked and now I spread the word. A nice combination of DnB and Pop and much more!

Jamie T - 4 songs



Aztec Camera Live Milan 04.11.1984

As I still don't have my records back, you get some more tape recordings. While checking my stuff I found some tapes again I bought in London when I visited Matthias Hanich in 1987, see there. Expect some more of this for the next posts. This is the first.

Roddy Frame and his band Aztec Camera played live in Milan/Mailand Italy on November 04 1984. Since I recorded the tape last week I can not get these fantastic tunes out of my head, I am humming Matress and wires all the time, it still is that great! The sound quality is pretty good, I think this is a radio transmission. Here is the tracklist:

01 Matress of wire
02 Introduction
03 Lost outside the tunnel
04 Head is happy, heart's insane
05 Walk out to winter
06 The bugle sounds again
07 The boy wonders
08 We could send letters
09 Backwards and forwards
10 Oblivious
11 All I need is everything
12 Still on fire
13 The back door to heaven
14 The knife
15 The birth of the truth
16 Down the dip
17 Back on board
18 Jump (Van Halen! cover!!!)

This is the concert:

Aztec Camera - Live Milan 04.11.1984



Weiss jemand ne Wohnung in Bielefeld?

Ich suche dringend eine Wohnung in BI. 2ZKB, gerne mit Balkon, möglichst im Westen, Nähe Siggi. Gerne auch mit EBK und Wanne. Bitte alles anbieten! Jeder, der einen kennt, der einen kennt...

Allerdings ist es etwas dringend, da ich zum 31.10. aus der Wohngemeinschaftswohnung raus muss, da die aufgelöst wird.

Jeder mit Idee einfach unten einen Comment hinterlassen!

Ausserdem brauche ich noch ein billiges Auto! Fiesta o. ä. max. 1000 €, mind. 1 Jahr TÜV und ok!

Hat sich inzwischen doch beides erledigt!



Human League - Live Berlin Kant Kino 23.11.1980

Today it is Reunification Day in Germany, so it is a day off, that's why you get this post with a connection to then separated Berlin in 1980.

Human League, combining electronics with Pop in the late seventies with their albums Travelogue and Reproduction (don't expect links, you can find them anywhere) were really great in trying to sound difficult, while they were POP. This might have it's roots in the two teams in the band. Phil Oakey, the guy with the Blade Runner makeup and Adrian Lyne, who later carried on (get the pun, eh?) with Human League were on the more Pop/Fun side (although Adrian was a bit arty) while Ian Craig-Marsh and Martyn Ware wanted to back the electronic music revolution with the liberation of the proletariat!

They tried so with Heaven 17 (The name came, off course, from Clockwork Orange. Now it is easy to find it cheesy, but I think they really meant it!)

Fantastic Pop songs, not much impact on the masses concerning the revolution...

This posting gives you the Human League concert in the Kant Kino in West-Berlin on November, 23rd 1980, although I think it is not the complete concert, but you never know with these early 80s bands. Sometimes they just wanted to tell the audience that they have to accept what the artists are willing to give.

As a bonus you get the "Dancing like a star" EP from ca. 1977 actually released in 2002 with some songs by the Human League predecessors The Future and "Perfect day" (later included in the BEF's "Music of quality and distinction", I really love this record! Expect a post as soon as I have my record collection back in my hands!) from a concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, although I do not have a date for this. I am not absolutely sure if the bonus material is really as mentioned. I bought this tape via the net a few years ago, so I hope the information is ok. There are some mistakes in the original playlist (see pic). I hope I could correct them all. If anybody knows more, please leave a comment.

Human League - Live 23.11.1980 Kant Kino Berlin

Human League - Live 23.11.1980 Kant Kino Berlin Bonus material (Dancing like a star EP)+

Here are some links:

The early work of Human League

Human League

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