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Yacht & Architecture in Helsinki in Bielefeld

So now I have to unclose the mystery of my new place. I moved from Wilhelmshaven to Bielefeld, from one center of the world to another... Well, I didn't really move yet, I still have my flat in Wilhelmshaven, 3 rooms, 70 qm, view to the sea, 5 minutes to the only south beach on the german coast (which I used less than ten times in five years, but now it seems precious...). Now I have two small rooms in a "Wohngemeinschaft" until the end of October. Until then I have to find something new. But it is already better than the first place I had, a very, very tiny appartment in a students home, better than a place in a dorm, but not funny for more than three weeks.

At least there are more concerts here than in Wilhelmshaven. In the five years there I saw Götz Alsmann (some nice CDs over at Der Likedeeler) and Bernd Begemann (search this blog and more to come).

Tonight I was at my first concert in Bielefeld (well, actually the second, as I saw Marc Almond & La Magia here in the PC 69 in 1988 I think. I got in for free, but I think I told that story in one of my earlier Marc Almond posts).

Architecture in Helsinki, with support by Yacht from Portland, home of grunge as he told us. He put up a nice show, together with his laptop. 25 years ago this would have been unthinkable, just a guy with a tape recorder. I remember seeing DAF in the Markthalle Hamburg in June 1981: Robert behind his drum set, Gabi at the mic and lovely Tina Schnekenburger playing the.... tape recorder. Many people couldn't understand why there was no band, but that was the concept. Great!

Yacht reminded me of the Fad Gadget show I saw in Hamburg in 1984, that I posted below. Nice synth (or rather Cubase or something else these young guys use) backings, some cool samples and a very expressionist style of performance. I really liked the part where he jumped into the crowd (not that many) and made them all sit down. When everybody was down, he jumped up! And he can jump! I haven't seen that before, and I have seen a lot, really astonishing.

After the break AiH appeared without saying much, playing their set and went home. I was a little disappointed. The show was great, nothing to worry about, but they played one song after the other, hardly any communication with the audience (except for calling out a prize for the guy who is sweatier than the band after the concert. Maybe they didn't like that the audience cheered them but didn't dance enough). Nobody complained, so I could go home early.

No soundfiles today, as the internet connection here is on WLAN and my room is pretty far away from the router, lots of walls inbetween. I remember surfing faster on a 56k modem. Besides it is a completely open, insecure network, rubbish! I hope I can talk the other people living here in at least changing the encryption and the status.

BTW Does anybody have a clue why my Beckett template disappeared? I already uploaded an earlier version of my template, that I had saved, but it is just the same ugly white background, that looks sooo 1994. Any clues????????

Just found out: the storage of the original template changed, just type Beckett template problems to google and you get the new source code with the correct links. Just copy and paste, easy as pie... If you know it!


Willst Du uns also allen Ernstes erzählen, das es Bielefeld wirklich gibt ??

Ich fürchte ja.

Ich habe auch jahrelang gezweifelt, aber der Horror scheint real zu sein.

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