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BOWWOWWOW the first tape 1980

This is my original of the first BowWowWow cassette. I bought it in late 1980 in Lüneburg.

As you can see from the scans it was in heavy use. For some time this was together with the first two B-52's LPs my early morning wakeup soundtrack. If you hear it, you will understand...

Due to the use in Sofia Coppola's movie "Marie Antoinette" they seem to be back, at least in people's minds.

BOWWOWWOW - Your cassette pet 1980 Back online!

Some links:

Official BWW site

Private BWW site


Yay! Wonderful that you posted this.
Thank you!

the file deleted from the server :(

At the Hamburg concert (Nov, 6, 1981) we were surprised by a free limited 7":
"Markthalle Hamburg presents:
A-The Mile High Club
B -C30, C60, C90, Go!"
I'll remaster it some day...

I would really like to hear (and see) that! Keep me posted and send a link to your blog. If you do not have one yet I could post it for you!

How nice to find this.
About a half year ago I got a new deck so the first thing I planned doing was put this K7 on a CD but the deck ruined my tape.
Thanks to you I can now re enjoy this,which is absolutely wonderful.

Thanx bro.

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