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As I told you earlier, I had several new posts preproduced. I will throw them at you all in one post, as they all were concerts I taped from the radio, predominantly NDR2 or NDR1 Musik für junge Leute.

As I found out during my research, these must have been records sent out by the record companys to the radio stations, as you can sometimes hear some cracks. Some of the concerts have some static noises now and then, but that makes up for authenticity! At least I hope so... Due to the length these are obviously no complete recordings of the concerts, a few tracks are always missing.

So I start with an important part of the gloomy early 80s, Bauhaus. I saw them in the Markthalle Hamburg in late 1981, that's were I took the pic, not at the Old Vic in London from February 1982

Bauhaus - London, Old Vic 0282

A different musical area is ploughed by Yazoo (called Yaz in the States due to legal problems with the old time record label of the same name). Perfect SynthPop! I remember lying in hospital after my motorbike accident in May 1982, listening to BFBS all the time. The mix of horrid informations about the war on the Falklands/Malvinas and then this wonderful little love song, sung by a lot of a woman, backed by fragile electronics, avantgarde in the charts and it scored! I loved it and due to personal experiences, still my number 1 song of all times!!!!!! Unfortunately I didn't find any information about this show, sometime in 1983 somewhere in England I guess.

Yazoo - Live 1983

The next are the ComSat Angels, one of the mostly underrated bands of those years. Their first LP "Waiting for a miracle" was a masterpiece, the followup "Sleep no more" was more gloomy, but great. I think their best work was "Fiction", their LP from 1982, fantastic songs, crystal clear production, nice packaging. This show was recorded in Hamburg, at the Markthalle 25.04.1984. Later I lost track with them, like most I think.

ComSat Angels - Live Hamburg, Markthalle 25.04.1984

The Carmel show was exactly one week after the memorable concert by The Smiths, on 11.05.1984. Great show, some hurt feelings after separating from my girlfriend, still great!

Carmel - Live Hamburg, Markthalle 11.05.1984

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, two shows from 1985. Number one is defintively the Rockpalast show from 28.02.1985, I don't know much about the second show, definitively 1985, probably Hamburg, date ???

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Live Hamburg, Markthalle 28.02.1985

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Live Hamburg 1985

The next two posts are a test! I recorded them either in the mp3Pro@96kbps mode as well as in high quality Nero Digital Audio AAC .mp4 format. So maybe someone can tell me which is better. The difference is that for an example the New Order show from Glastonbury is 90 Mb as mp4 or 35 Mb as mp3pro. I can't hear any difference. I usually listen to files on my PC through speakers with a subwoofer system, not on headphones, haven't tried this. The mp3 are on mediafire, the mp4 are on rapidshare.
The problem with mp4 is that the id3 tags are not permanent, at least with Media Monkey, the prog I use for administration of my sound files. Does anybody know a tool to edit the tags on mp4?

The Japan show is from the Hammersmith Odeon on 07.02.1981 broadcast by the BBC, later sold as bootleg "Polaroid".

Japan - Live London Hammersmith Odeon 07.02.1981 mp3

Japan - Live London Hammersmith Odeon 07.02.1981 mp4

You can find more on
Japan here.

The New Order show in Glastonbury is a classic, the first time they played "True faith" live.

New Order - Live in Glastonbury 19.06.1987 mp3

New Order - Live in Glastonbury 19.06.1987 mp4

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Recently I used mp3pro to encode the music I post here to save harddisk space. Many people maybe thought, 96 kbps, that must be crap. Well it isn't really, but on the other hand it doesn't equal normal mp3@192kbps as I told you before. I just found an article on wikipedia that informed me about mp3pro. It says that mp3pro@80kbps equals mp3@128kbps, so mp3pro@96 should equal mp3@160. MP3PRO CAN BE PLAYED ON ANY MP3PLAYER, but only players that support MP3Pro will get a better sound than with normal players, yet it still is very good sound quality!

I have already recorded some files for future release in mp3pro@96, I won't change them but in the future I will use standard mp3@192kbps again. I think there will be no big flaws, as these are mostly things I recorded from the radio to cassette.

Whatever, these are bootlegs anyway and remember when you bought bootlegs in the 80s! The quality was often much much worse! I have some of that ilk in my collection, but they aren't worth being scanned, because there would be many people arguing about the poor sound quality (and I don't like that also).



I have a job again! Time to celebrate

After a long time of unemployment (hence the PayPal links, where nobody felt the urge to send anything) I finally have a new job! This means that you have to look forward to even longer breaks until something new appears on this blog. I have already scanned several Tapes and LPs for future use, but new releases may take some time, still you can ask for requests.

For a start here is something by Fad Gadget. The 12" "Collapsing new people" and a concert from 29.03.1984 in the Markthalle Hamburg, that was later broadcast on the radio. I was there, but this time I didn't take a camera.

Fad Gadget - Collapsing new people 12"

Fad Gadget - Live Hamburg, Markthalle 29.03.1984

The next file I post is by the fantastic Kevin Rowland and his Dexy's Midnight Runners, a concert on Rockpalast on german TV on April fourth 1983.

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Live Rockpalast 03.04.1983

Too-Rye-Ay was one of the records of the summer of 82 but I actually only bought it on Feb., 02. 1983. If you follow my meanderings on this blog you will know that this was the date of the ABC show, so go there first and come back here to get the rest of the story, eventually!

I remember "THE FACE" in early 85 with the picture of some clerk on the back, no message. It took a while until I recognised the shaved Kevin Rowland after the Dungaree look of 82. What a campaign! And even the record... Don't stand me down definitely is in my Top Ten Island List!!!! (maybe you can find out more about this exceptional record soon).

The files all have complete id3 tags, so you see what you downloaded immediately. As usual I encoded them as MP3PRO@96Kbps. Don't be worried by the 96, it is MP3PRO and with that it equals normal mp3@160kbps, the files are just smaller.


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