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ABC live Musikhalle Hamburg 02.02.1983

This is a concert recording I have very fond memories of. I had to go to Hamburg for a medical examination after my motorcycle accident. I found some nice records that day, the Glaxo Babies , Dexy's, The Cure and Depeche Mode. To top this there was a concert by ABC in town that night. Unfortunately I didn't have a ticket. Nevertheless I went there, although it was sold out. I actually found someone who had been let down by his date and gave me a ticket and even for free!

There were even some "celebrities" there: I saw Diedrich Diederichsen and Kid P., how much further can you get for a kid from the villages, THOSE were heroes in the 80s : People that had problems asking Tina for a date, but mocking about the german voice of Jerry Lewis (it was Georg Thomalla if you might want to ask. There must be this famous soundbite where Kid P. (Andreas Banaski) asks for George SSomalla (or did he just listen to this being asked?)

Anyway : Kid P. war immer grosszügig!
(Seitdem habe ich dieses Wort geliebt! Alles Gute dieser Welt für Andreas Banaski aka Kid P. !!!!!!)
I really enjoyed the night, had a fantastic seat on the balcony right in the middle and later that concert was on the radio as you get it here now. There is a comment, that it wasn't THAT fantastic, soundwise, possibly it was because he had third row seats . The sound at the evening was not that bad on the balcony, but the radio recording is very good!

ABC live Hamburg Musikhalle 02.02.1983

mp3pro@96kbps as usual now

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Just discovered the blog, fucking great!
Keep up the good work!

I was at that show as well, third row seats! Didn't enjoy it as much as you did, cause the sound was so bad and it wasn't as glamorous as I thought it would be. Thanks anyway! Any chance the Dexys show from NDR2...?

Bin schon gespannt auf den Mitschnitt. Habe ABC noch nie live gehört...Danke.

hold your breath!

Hi Jörg!

great share! thanx a bundle!

any chance of getting a higher quality or dare I say lossless version?

mail me at dreamtimemix@gmail.com if you can arrange that.

btw: seems you like Aztec Camera - just did an extended version of Oblivious:



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