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I just found a nice blog, that features a nice 80s roundup year by year and also lots of interesting music from South Africa and all over the world with very nice and personal offerings.

Any major dude with half a heart

He seems to be missing comments (where do I know that from?), so people rush over there and leave your marks, he seems to be a really nice guy!



ABC live Musikhalle Hamburg 02.02.1983

This is a concert recording I have very fond memories of. I had to go to Hamburg for a medical examination after my motorcycle accident. I found some nice records that day, the Glaxo Babies , Dexy's, The Cure and Depeche Mode. To top this there was a concert by ABC in town that night. Unfortunately I didn't have a ticket. Nevertheless I went there, although it was sold out. I actually found someone who had been let down by his date and gave me a ticket and even for free!

There were even some "celebrities" there: I saw Diedrich Diederichsen and Kid P., how much further can you get for a kid from the villages, THOSE were heroes in the 80s : People that had problems asking Tina for a date, but mocking about the german voice of Jerry Lewis (it was Georg Thomalla if you might want to ask. There must be this famous soundbite where Kid P. (Andreas Banaski) asks for George SSomalla (or did he just listen to this being asked?)

Anyway : Kid P. war immer grosszügig!
(Seitdem habe ich dieses Wort geliebt! Alles Gute dieser Welt für Andreas Banaski aka Kid P. !!!!!!)
I really enjoyed the night, had a fantastic seat on the balcony right in the middle and later that concert was on the radio as you get it here now. There is a comment, that it wasn't THAT fantastic, soundwise, possibly it was because he had third row seats . The sound at the evening was not that bad on the balcony, but the radio recording is very good!

ABC live Hamburg Musikhalle 02.02.1983

mp3pro@96kbps as usual now

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ZK both LPs

As I promised yesterday here is a (or rather the other) famous band from Düsseldorf, Kraftwerk can take it.

This is ZK.

A punk band with little experience on their instruments, but the will to perform. They really started the sub-genre of Fun-Punk, later completely and fantastically occupied by Die Ärzte! They only released two singles and two LPs and here you get the Lps, unfortunately I don't own the singles.

ZK - Eddie's Salon 1981

ZK - Leichen pflastern ihren Weg 1982

There is relatively little info on the web, which astonished me. You find something here .

You can buy a collection here .

And you can find the third single by Die Toten Hosen, the band that grew from ZK on 7 inch Punk. You have to search on the site, cause somehow the direct link doesn't want to duplicate. Probably it may not be online anymore and I did not make copy...

I remember, the church where hey shot the video for Bommerlunder had to be re-consecrated after the shooting, featuring Fassbinder performer Kurt Raab.

A special version is here for you! They somehow contacted Rap Star Fab Five Freddy and made him adding his skills to their work. I do not know who did what, but the result is special. Back in the days it sounded ok, because Hip-Hop was not yet so widely known, but today it sounds a little odd, yet still feet-moving! Back then I made a remix with two tape recorders, but unfortunately I can't find the tape... (in the meantime I did. You can hear the result here.)The spelling mistake is original!

Die Toten Hosen aka The increadible T.H. Scratchers starring Freddy Love 12" 1983

I just found out that these old LPs sell for loads of money on certain internet pages, so maybe I shouldn't post them here. Hmmmm, what would the Great Gonzo do?
Fuck it! Destroy the prices! Put everything online! Give artists state funding or welfare, so everybody can enjoy art!

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Back again for the 100.000th visitor (a little too late !!!!!) KLF / JAMs

Since I started that online tracking device last year in June now more than 100,000 people have visited my blog, a few thousand did before.
That feels nice, combined with the number of downloads, many hundreds for some files. I don't want to become complaining like in my last post (NOBODY felt inclined to add to my costs), but some aid would be nice.

To celebrate the 100,000th visitor I wanted to post something special:

The KLF aka The JAMs aka The Justified Ancients of MuMu

I bought 1987 by The JAMs on July 7th 1988 in a record shop in Braunschweig, Gabi's Plattenkiste. I came there often and digged down in the crates. This wasn't even there, it was already sorted out and in a box on the floor, together with the 12" All you need is love, ready to be shipped back to the company.

I could talk the clerk to selling me the records anyway, although officially she had to send the records back to the company. Unfortunately Bill Drummond and Jim Cauty had decided to include some ABBA samples in their crude mix of Rap and political music. Therefore they had to destroy all the stock. They did so in Sweden without meeting ABBA.

The manual
K Foundation

and the best of them all :

The KLF.de

They auctioned the last five examples of the original 1987 albums in the April 1988 edition of "The FACE", the style bible of the 80's, so it took the record industry some time to get the remaining records. But I got one!!!! I will add the ad as soon as I get back to my archive back home.

Unfortunately for my idea, I had to find out, that Brotbeutel has posted a link to a site that has this online for years.

But these are my definitely original 1987 and the "All you need is love" 12" and as a bonus you get many nice things with the LP, many pictures and texts, you know Robert Wilson?

The JAMs - 1987 LP

The JAMs All you need is love 12"

All the afficionados of german New Wave and Punk will soon be gratified for their endurance...

Two LPs by a band from Düsseldorf, and they are not Die Toten Hosen...
You guess???

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