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I am sad, time for the Thirteen Moons!

Tonight the thing everybody in Germany could not think of in the past weeks has happened, Germany was kicked out in the semifinal by Italy. They have been the better team, so it is ok, but it hurts nonetheless. I am curious, how the mood in the country will develop after this. There still is the game for the third place on Saturday in Stuttgart, I hope we will give the boys a nice show.

So today I am in a bit of a melancholic mood, and which music suits it better than the fantastic Thirteen Moons from Sweden!

So finally this is my Thirteen Moons post.

If you try to find anything about them on the net, you are lost. You find stuff about Gallerys, Indian mythology and more that has nothing to do with these fabulous musicians.
The Thirteen Moons were Göran Klintberg and Anders Holm ft. Mats Gunnarsson, Per Akerlund, Hakan Almqvist and many more! I bought their first two LPs almost knowing nothing, just the story about the young guy on the cover being the grandfather of one of the two. And then, after putting the record on, I loved it!
Unfortunately I don't have the old issues of SPEX (german music magazine) from that time here. I remember that Hans Keller (also member of Geisterfahrer) wrote a very emphatic article on the Thirteen Moons.

Their LPs were issued on the Wire label. The first was "Little dreaming boy" in 1986 with the picture of a young man, followed by "Origins" in 1987 with some
little girls collecting flowers on the cover. Both LPs were issued on one CD, which you finally get here now!

In 1990 the last record, "You will find mercy on your road" was issued as WRCD 012 on Wire. Unfortunately I did not hear anything after this!
The music is very beautiful! You have to like the vocals , although. If you know Peer Gynt, you have a hint! Clever pun, isn't it?
Wonderful music, wonderful lyrics!
I am not a great wordsmith, just in LOVE with the music!

These are the complete "Origins" and "Little dreaming boy" LPs ripped from the CD. ENJOY!
And GO OUT AND BUY their records, check your local second hand dealer!
I remember Amoeba and Rasputin in Berkeley, when I was there for a nice holiday. I found the EP in a very fine second hand record store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for 4 $ in perfect condition!

Thirteen Moons - Little dreaming boy 1986

Thirteen Moons - Origins 1987

I just added the Thirteen Moons - A true story EP 1986

In the comments there is a message from Mats Gunnarsson from the Thirteen Moons!
Here are some websites where you can find info on what he is doing now :
Orkester Chesty Morgan.se
Göran is a sommelier now and had done some solo Stuff (maybe you can find it on bolero.se)

Some of these links are not working any more...

While I was re-editing this post, I was just thinking not to re-up the albums so you would have to run through your local second hand record dealers, but then I made up my mind that there are so few of these records left, you should get a chance to listen to this wonderful music!!!!???!!!!!!!!!

If you still get it anywhere, please remember the original musicians and support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for this rare stuff.

PS. The only links i've found: [1] , [2]

Thanks for the links!

Hallo thank you for those nice words mats gunnarsson Magicsax@gmail.com

I am so happy to find your blog, since I am also a big fan of thirteen moons. Thank you so much for your nice work!

It's so difficult for me to find their CD in my country. Is it easy in Germany?

I Think you should try it on ebay, I found the CD with these LPs there for 10 Euro.

Hi ! Thanks for referencing one of my all-time favourite bands !

Just discovered your blog and my gosh, what a great thing you got going on here! Loved the review about 13 moons and am going to check them out asap!

Nice written about Thirteen Moons. But I have to correct you a bit. Thirteen Moons were three guys, Göran Klintberg, Anders Holm and Mats Gunnarsson. The guy on the cover of "Little Dreaming Boy" are the grandfather of Anders Holm. They look a lot like each other. I have all the records and are lucky to have seen some concerts with them in Sweden, beginning 1986 in the legendary rock club Ritz. So wonderful melodies and music.
Best regards
Diana Saksala

Simply beautiful.
They sound as good today as they did then, I just love them.
A big thank you Thirteen Moons - a pure listening pleasure!

Never heard of them before -- this sounds really good. Thanks!

(Hope I can find the second album someday...)

I also have loved Thirteen Moons since 1986. In the compilation CD 'Going Against The Tide' there is mention of a CD/EP from 1993 called Nattens Fyra Floder (Night For Rivers) which I've never been able to track down. Do you know if it was ever released?

Coud you repost the True Story Ep?

Thank you so much!I haven´t heard these amazing songs for twenty or so years.

Grüsse aus Lissabon, Portugal

Hi, really loved this band from my home town of Stockholm!
But impossible to get, can you fix the link?
Cudos for a great site!

A book about Thirteen Moons is available for sale at http://thirteenmoons.bandcamp.com
All the core members of the band have been interviewed and also their main producer and the owner of Wire Records. It should be interesting for all fans of this unique group. Most of the material is not available on the Internet or elsewhere. The book is written in English.

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