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Very nice blog: Any major dude with half a heart

I just found a nice blog, that features a nice 80s roundup year by year and also lots of interesting music from South Africa and all over the world with very nice and personal offerings.

Any major dude with half a heart

He seems to be missing comments (where do I know that from?), so people rush over there and leave your marks, he seems to be a really nice guy!


Hi Jörg! Thanks for the post, and a special thanks for your blog. OK, probably the biggest part of us are "readers" and "listeners" instead of "writers", but you're right, probably we should feedback your blog and music passion with our comments (at least with "I like this band" or "not my kind of stuff"). Looking forward for your new entries!

Hey, Jörg. Schau mal wieder bei mir rein; ich habe deinen Steilpass kontrolliert, und renne jetzt mit dem Ball Richtung Strafraum...

Your blog got me hooked on NDW. I bought the Palais Schaumburg 1st album back in 1980 but was not really aware of the NDW scene. Have enjoyed Radierer, die Zimmermann and others I have found here.Would love to hear the Grosse Freheit. This one seems to be missing.
Do you have any more Radierer ?

Grosse Freiheit is back online!

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