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A little quiz: Do you spot every artist in this ensemble? There is Morrissey trying to keep it in May 1984...

Who wins first?

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Lizzy Mercier Descloux back online!

You find it here!

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Here is something new again!

We just entered the 90s on Not Rock on, so here is Hip-Hop from the early 80s!

In my post on John Cale I already mentioned Alan Bangs, famous night-talker on the german airwaves. He worked for BFBS, the radio service for british troops in Germany and also for German TV on Rockpalast. His show was always very personal, and always very informative. He knew how to combine personal interest with what the people would want to hear. In this special night he had guests, I think he did not know what to exactly expect from them.
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA (sometimes spelled Bambaata, but I could not find out exactly when he changed it) was on the Wheels of Steel (aka turntables) at BFBS HQ in February 1983. I asked them for the exact date, but did not receive an answer yet.

Alan Bangs was obviously not able to cope with the energy Bam, IKC and Mr. Biggs had to offer. I am a bit unsure about the identity of IKC, he says he was part of Funky Four + One. If I misheard it, it could also be Keith Keith or Keith Caesar, maybe you can help me out.

This is the tracklist, they played that night :

Side 1:
01 Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk express
02 Fab 5 Freddy ft. B-Side - Change the beat
03 Phase 2 - The Roxy
04 Don Henley - Dirty laundry
05 D-Train - D-Train
06 Planet Patrol - Play at your own risk
07 Soul Sonic Force - Planet rock
08 Bar-Kays - Do it
09 Instant Funk - No stoppin' that rockin'
10 Man Parrish - Six super synthesizers
11 Soul Sonic Force - Looking for the perfect beat
12 Mr. Biggs & IKC (maybe Keith from Funky Four) - Rap attack
Side 2:
01 Mr. Biggs & IKC (maybe Keith from Funky Four) - Rap attack
02 Falco - Der Kommissar
03 DeBarge Family - All this love
04 Nicodemus - Bone man connection
05 Michigan & Smiley - Diseases
06 unknown
07 Malcolm McLaren & World Supreme Team - Buffalo gals
08 Trouble Funk - Drop the bomb
09 Parliament - Flashlight
10 unknown
11 Smurf that body - unknown
12 unknown
13 Sly & the Family Stone - If you want me to stay

Anybody who can help filling in the gaps of the unknown tracks is welcome to leave a comment!

Here is the performance from that night in February 1983 (no further information available...)

Bambaataa at BFBS

Here are some songs by Bam & others: (12" with B-sides, from the early 80s)

Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force - Looking for the perfect beat 12"

Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Renegades of Funk

Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity 12"

Time Zone - Wild Style 12"

Time Zone - World destruction (ft. John Lydon)

G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play that beat Mr. DJ

Grandmixer D.St. - Crazy cuts

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Thirteen Moons update

I just updated my post on the Thirteen Moons, fantastic musicians from Sweden. Have a look at it here , where you find the first two LPs.


Their music is very special, but I hope you will like it!
As a bonus you get the (unfortunately) last album by the Thirteen Moons, "You will find mercy on these roads", dedicated to Olof Palme.

Thirteen Moons - You will find mercy on these roads mp3Pro@96kbps



Cool video

I just found this video by cb shaw The 80's lover,great! Based around Soft Cell's "Tainted love" he shows and plays many 80s classics. Great fun! There are more great videos on you tube at his cbshawchannel.



Shades of Rhythm 1991

Something new on Not Rock On! Here are the 90s!
This is a request from Alexei Luthor over at Difficult listening , the blog with the fastest speed of postings I have seen yet! Well worth a visit, lots of 4AD and much, much more, growing every minute.

I don't know much about Shades of Rhythm , three guys (Kevin Lancaster, Nick Slater & Rayan Hepburn) released this fine Techno CD on ZTT, Trevor Horn and Paul Morley's label. You can find out a little more on their My Space . I found it in a bargain bin in 92, interesting cover, ZTT, ok bought.

When I listened to it I was very pleased, good beats, cool sounds, bomb! Enjoy it on a large sound system, or ask your neighbors to go away for a while. I haven't listened to this for years, but at the moment it is hard not to jump around listening to this CD. Early 90s electronic, not too hard, good for the club and the living room, there is even a saxophone.

From My Space: S/O/R are still doing shows around the world, please check out their dates to see if they're in your area!

Shades of Rhythm s/t CD 1991
MP3pro@96kbps (=mp3@192+, the best you can get!)


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