Thank you Nena, happy 50th birthday!

This evening there was a show for and with Nena on german television celebrating her 50th birthday (although this was actually March 24th, can you believe it???). I enjoyed it a lot but it also brought back some bitter memories. I still remember the morning after her groundbreaking performance in Radio Bremen's Musikladen. Notorious for showing scantily clad girls performing to obscure dutch Disco, the show did not rate too high in our ranks. As there was not much competition in german tv, everybody watched it nevertheless

The morning after August 17, 1982 everybody was talking about that girl in the red leather mini skirt and her astonishing performance. She was absolutely new (although she later often enough showed us her Rolling Stones T-Shirts). Just being there having fun AND singing in german! And later on a lot of success!

I loved the song immediately with this picky synth and obviously proposed angular dance moves. nevertheless there also was this floating synth melody and then her voice. This was the feeling of youth! Everybody liked it, although I, being cool and underground, could not buy her record as it was just a cheap copy of what was happening in the underground with a little more crowd appeal (later more of these copies appeared even in the underground. No wonder they remained unknown). Finally I bought the first album in August 83 on the flea market where I had my own little stand selling stuff I would now like to have back.

As long as the hit singles were dropping from the production line everything was fine. In 84 I think the well dried up. I can not remember a Nena song after that except Wunder geschehen which should become an anthem of german reunification. I think nobody had noticed that song in 89 as Nena's success seemed to be in the past.

I still vividly remember the night of December 23, 1989 when for the first time it was possible to drive from Lichtenberg (BRD) to Salzwedel (DDR) as before just to Lüchow. My two brothers were also there for the holidays and after trimming the tree we and our parents went for a very special journey that had not been possible a few days earlier. Although I am now not sure it was conforming to international rules there were rumours that we could go east on 24.12.89 0:00. We were part of a long line of cars slowly moving eastwards! After we crossed the borderline "hell" broke lose! People banging on the roof cheering loudly and friendly! In Salzwedel we somehow arrived at the "Kulturhaus der Erdgasarbeiter" (Party home of the natural gas workers) if I remember it correctly. This was the local place for events. I cannot remember when my parents went back home but my brothers and I stayed ther till the early hours. I still remember the great feeling of simple joy and fun of that night. We were talking to people of our age who grew up a few kilometers too far east. It was easy to see we did not want the world, just our part of it. In that moment nobody thought of reunification, just the new possibilities of moving as everybody liked and meeting the "enemy".

That night in my brain is linked with Goldkrone (cheap brandy), Karo (cheap cigarettes) and Nena's wonderful song that was played several times "Wunder geschehen". Before that night I was not even sure if Nena was still among us not knowing that she even had a single out... Somehow we made it home with a Taxi from the GDR to the BRD! Unthinkable a few days earlier! Despite all problems that still exist, I am really glad that things developed this way. Therefore I cannot thank God as i Do not think he had enough influence to the thoughts of Michael Gorbatschow. We have to thank him for keeping it could cool even if he could have acted differently!

Listening to Nena's words in her voice that night in Salzwedel still sends shivers down my spine. Even during tonights TV show there were moments I had to sob...

So here it is:

Wunder geschehn

Nena has a great new record out now: more club Disco electronic, very cool at 50!



Thank you Vancouver!

Congratulations to Canada and their Hockey team!

Last night I was switching channels and finally found the Olympics at Vancouver. The BIG FINAL! I am not a hockey afficionado although I really loved Slap Shot or Schlappschuss as it was called in Germany 

Thinking of my canadian relatives I thought I could watch this as well as anything else. But then it got hot. Canada was already leading 2-1 and I thought, Great, Gold Medal for Canada so they are leading the medal count (at least the european way, where gold medals count first!). But then time out USA, time out Canada, ok about 50 seconds to go, they will make it. I was thinking to myself how long these 50 seconds could be and then USA scored the equalizer! What a shock, but they had earned it!

Ice time....... opening another bottle, listening to the TV presenters,The re-start! To be honest, I could not look that fast or maybe it was because I do not have HiDef. I still have not really seen the goal. But what a relief!
Today I wore my Canada shirt with pride thinking of this great hockey game. Looking at the medal count (european version) Canada is No. 1 and Germany No 2. The US medal count sees them ahead with Germany at 2.

I prefer the european count with Canada at No. 1!!!!!!!

I am not quite sure if these are really the songs that fire up hockey fans, but I have to assume. There are some I like and some I loathe, make your picks...

2 Unlimited is ok, Iggy and The Ramones are perfect, KISS and BTO of course, Nickelback, Billy Talent, Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, keep the locals busy, Tag Team, Elvis Costello for a little extra spice but Europe? Iron Maiden? Quiet Riot if you could have Slade? I do not mention Rednex. Inferior.

VA - Sounds of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games - Canada's Hockey anthems



My Vehicles

Just to add a new post, here is a slideshow I once made of most of the vehicles I had from 1980 til now. Just have a look!

It starts with my Hercules Ultra already mentioned in previous posts. Then there is my first car, the Opel Kadett C City. Liked it a lot and had many nice memories. Like changing the engine in Delft, Netherlands after it quit working due to a lack of oil. We removed the engine of a crashed car and mine and fixed the new one in less than 8 hours after we pushed my car through half the city to the junkyard.

In 1990 I had to part with it as the TÜV did not call it street legal anymore. Due to the recent opening of the german border and lots of greedy car sales men selling all the junk to the FNL, good cheap cars were hard to find. Together with financial aid by my parents I bought the Honda Accord hatchback. Great car, power windows, power glass roof, nice interior and exterior. Unfortunately I crashed it just a few hundred meters from my parents home. As an interim solution I bought a (french) Chrysler 2.0 for a few hundred Mark. Great car, looked like a scale model of an american 70s gas guzzler, painted gold with a vinyl roof and very comfortable plush brown seats. 110 hp and automatic transmission were ideal for cruising. Unfortunately, it had a few flaws. Refilling the brake fluid every few hundred kilometers was still endurable, being without rear view in winter due to a broken heated rear window was sometimes uncomfortable. But when I wanted to visit a concert by Der Plan and Andreas Dorau in Braunschweig, I approached the crossing at the Hagenmarkt and suddenly the car turned to the right without me wanting to go there. There was nobody next to me so it was no big deal - just that the wheel had come loose and was only clinging to the disc brake.

I managed to drive the car (only left corners) back to the parking lot at the university (where it stayed for several weeks). After taking the bus, the concert was a nice experience, seeing amongst others the movies Dorau had created at art school.

As with the Kadett City (by then resting in a shed at my parent's) I had plans to restore the Chrysler as well. I spent a lot of money to get it stored for a few months. As I could not get any spare parts, I finally had to part with this hope.

Then, thanks to the insurance money I was able to buy a Volvo 244 Turbo, a rather rare model. Lots of power, black leather, cool looks. Then I could afford it. I drove it for almost 14 years. I even managed to sell it to an enthusiast who wanted to rebuild it. He promised to keep me informed, unfortunately he did not keep this promise. The Ford Fiesta I had afterwards did not seem to be worth a picture. After some problems, I had sold it to a junkyard the same day as I received the job offer in Bielefeld, bad timing.

It took a while until I found a new car I could afford. Now I have a Mazda 626 Coupe from 89. It was cheap, only 500 Euro. When I first saw it, it looked odd, spoiler, the bumps over the wheels, very 80s. But the price was ok, although I still had to put a relatively substantial amount into it.

Now I like it, it drives well, needs relatively little fuel (where is the progress when a simple car nowadays still needs more than 7 Liters per 100 km?). Who needs more? Ok I would take a decent BMW 850i offered for 500 Euro..

What are your vehicle stories?

This has nothing to do with the purpose of this blog, just curiosity!

There will be music posts soon!

I have to admit, I have just been staring at this slideshow myself. Isn't this amazing? I have no idea how it works, but it does! Pictures that have until now been on my harddisk are flying around the world now! And I took them up to 30 years ago! Wow...


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