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Recently I used mp3pro to encode the music I post here to save harddisk space. Many people maybe thought, 96 kbps, that must be crap. Well it isn't really, but on the other hand it doesn't equal normal mp3@192kbps as I told you before. I just found an article on wikipedia that informed me about mp3pro. It says that mp3pro@80kbps equals mp3@128kbps, so mp3pro@96 should equal mp3@160. MP3PRO CAN BE PLAYED ON ANY MP3PLAYER, but only players that support MP3Pro will get a better sound than with normal players, yet it still is very good sound quality!

I have already recorded some files for future release in mp3pro@96, I won't change them but in the future I will use standard mp3@192kbps again. I think there will be no big flaws, as these are mostly things I recorded from the radio to cassette.

Whatever, these are bootlegs anyway and remember when you bought bootlegs in the 80s! The quality was often much much worse! I have some of that ilk in my collection, but they aren't worth being scanned, because there would be many people arguing about the poor sound quality (and I don't like that also).


Congratulations on th job. i've been working temp jobs for about a few years and it is a pain to get something permanent.

Great collection of eighties concerts, especially pleased to see Carmel. I have one album, but can't get enough of 'More, More, More'. Thanks

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