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I have a job again! Time to celebrate

After a long time of unemployment (hence the PayPal links, where nobody felt the urge to send anything) I finally have a new job! This means that you have to look forward to even longer breaks until something new appears on this blog. I have already scanned several Tapes and LPs for future use, but new releases may take some time, still you can ask for requests.

For a start here is something by Fad Gadget. The 12" "Collapsing new people" and a concert from 29.03.1984 in the Markthalle Hamburg, that was later broadcast on the radio. I was there, but this time I didn't take a camera.

Fad Gadget - Collapsing new people 12"

Fad Gadget - Live Hamburg, Markthalle 29.03.1984

The next file I post is by the fantastic Kevin Rowland and his Dexy's Midnight Runners, a concert on Rockpalast on german TV on April fourth 1983.

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Live Rockpalast 03.04.1983

Too-Rye-Ay was one of the records of the summer of 82 but I actually only bought it on Feb., 02. 1983. If you follow my meanderings on this blog you will know that this was the date of the ABC show, so go there first and come back here to get the rest of the story, eventually!

I remember "THE FACE" in early 85 with the picture of some clerk on the back, no message. It took a while until I recognised the shaved Kevin Rowland after the Dungaree look of 82. What a campaign! And even the record... Don't stand me down definitely is in my Top Ten Island List!!!! (maybe you can find out more about this exceptional record soon).

The files all have complete id3 tags, so you see what you downloaded immediately. As usual I encoded them as MP3PRO@96Kbps. Don't be worried by the 96, it is MP3PRO and with that it equals normal mp3@160kbps, the files are just smaller.


Top! Fad Gadget...Exzellente Wahl. Bin schon gespannt.

Danke für den Dexys Mitschnitt, hatte gehofft Du hättest die NDR Aufnahme vom Konzert in HH vom Oktober 82. Da stand ich neben Kid P, Andreas Dorau und DD... Glückwunsch zum neuen Job!

great: "Spoil The Child"! was lookin for since ages. thx a lot! but: only in 96 kBit! isnt it possible to get a higher bitrate? thx

Gratuliere mit die neue Arbeit. Zu Hause sitzen kann ziemlich langweilig werden im Ende.

imorde, Jörg pointed out that the 96kbps works out to 192kbps because of something called MP3PLUS. I have no idea what MP3PLUS is, but I presume that our man knows what he is doing.

MP3PLUS is a codec the guys at the Fraunhofer Institut developed from their original MP3 codec, which gives you good sound quality at lower bitrates, resulting in smaller files.

I can't use FLAC or AAC as my harddisk space is rather limited. By now I roughly have a combined 220 Gigs of music on 4 harddrives, constantly swapping files to CDs to make new room on the HD. You might remember my financial problems, although I hope this will improve a little now that I have a job again.

It's not mp3plus, it's mp3pro as I correctly called it in the recent posts.

Your blog is great and I'm sorry I haven't commented before! Congratulations on your job, hope it's something you enjoy doing.

Again, thanks for all the great music.

concrats on the job AND!!!!.....on the superb blog!

Thanks for the great job you're doing... it reminds me some great '80 memories... unfortunately this link doesn't work anymore... can you upload it again ? thanks !

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