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I just wanted to answer to a post at another site, didn't make it and suddenly I am here with my on blog!
Well I don't know what to give yet, but I am a record collector for 25 years. I really began to look for records after I first listened to John Peel's Music on BFBS in Germany. May he please rest in music heaven!!!
In May or June 1980 he talked about the suicide of a to me then unkown singer called Ian Curtis. And he played lots of music by a band called Joy Division, among many others.
I was struck because I hadn't heard anything like this. Before that I liked anything from Al Stewart to ACDC to Pink Floyd to The Clash. After that I did not only get the records, I also made my own Factory Records buttons, because you could not get Joy Division pins in my part of Germany.
I heard about Punk before, but that was of no big interest in my area back then, 70s Stadium Rock like mentioned above and Hippies RULED! It was Gorleben time, having to protest against the nuclear dump (if you do not know about it, type Gorleben into Google). Of course I was with them, until some stupids attacked the tractors me and other farmers were driving, after a demonstration. I still can go with the targets, although I am no longer in the resistance movement against nuclear power. TAG X muss trotzdem weiter bestehen!
By now I have no problems with their taste in music, although I prefer The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to The Wall.
But in the late 70s things changed. I listened to Radio DJs on NDR2 (later NDR 1) like ... Gerd Timmy Timmermans, Wolf-Dieter Strubel, Günter Fink, Klaus Wellershaus, Peter Urban, Gerd Alzen, Monika Senger (hat einen Bruder Dominik Senger!), Tim Renner (now of Motor Music Fame, then a writer for small music mags, remember SCRITTI), Stefan Kühne, ....and some more that I can't remember right now.
The list is not complete, I just can't remember the names at the moment, this came quite unexpected!
Reggae has been always one of my favorites, BMW Babylon by Bus has been one of my first records, still great today. Through Peel came more, don't have to talk about Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Lee Perry of course, and MISTY IN ROOTS!!!!!!!! These records were absolutely amazing and are still!!!!!!!
Depeche Mode is also one of my great favorites since 23 years. That number gets me to another one : THE KLF. Luckily I found their first LP called 1987 in a bargain bin for very little money before it had to be sent back to the company to be destroyed. A lot of different records followed.
Anything with a goood BAAAAASSSS is ok with me but the THIRTEEN MOONS from Sweden are still my favorite band, not much bass but VOCALS!
Well, I think this will be about music from the late 70s and early 80s (rather Avangarde than Aerosmith) to now, depending how I can transfer my music from the records to the computer and then see how it works out with the bandwith, no experience with that and how I can get it online!
I hope once I figure out how this all works, I can upload stuff often, but definitely not regularly!!!
But my library is huge!!!!!! Ask for specific titles, maybe I have them! Mainly 80s stuff (really, not Duran although I like them!, ask for german NDW beyond Nena and Markus (both great and loved by me too, I remember the day in school after Nena had her first appearance on german TV in Musikladen, everybody talked about that red leather mini-skirt with that great song.)


PS I write in English although I am German because I like to. I have been in San Francisco and Winnipeg, Canada for two months recently and I really LOVED it there!!!


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